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______________________________________________ CLIENT: Dove PROJECT TYPE: Cause Marketing

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To start a dialogue, to question the thought about how an innocent nursery rhyme became a metaphor for a narrow-minded beauty ideal.


A play on the famous rhyme, Chubby Cheeks; Rosy Lips.

The ad was a play was on the famous rhyme chubby cheeks, rosy lips. The gritty Dove campaign showed how the rhyme is inserted as the first seed of an ideal beauty concept in the minds of men and women. It aimed to fuel conversations and thoughts that challenge the beauty stereotypes which society hands down to impressionable young girls.

Team Blush at Lightstream took the example of gritty sportswomen who break the established rules of beauty. Their stories are an inspiration to the women of our country who aspire to go against all odds to pursue their dreams. These charismatic individuals have proved that hard work coupled with a vision is the only make-up that a woman requires to stand tall, stand with confidence. Dove, as a brand, wants women and girls of all ages to see themselves as an individual with unique beauty, the beauty of self-confidence!

The film stands testimony to Dove’s thought: “Let’s break the rules of beauty.”


An overall reach of 10 million views through our social pages with a phenomenal 35% organic views alone! It clocked 29 million impressions on Twitter and 7.2 million on Facebook, far exceeding any previous Dove campaigns in India.

The campaign also succeeded in moving up the brand’s scores frequently.


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